Majelis Perwakilan Mahasiswa also known as the Student Representative Board was formed on March 31, 2007, from previously known as Badan Perwakilan Mahasiswa Universitas (BPMU)
Since it was formed, MPM UPH has been chaired by the following individuals as the Chairman/Chairwoman of MPM UPH:
Period of 2016/2017: Fresa Ansari (Management 2014)
Period of 2015/2016: Josephine Susilowati ( Faculty of Law 2013)
Period of 2014/2015: Recki Reinhart (Food Technology 2011)
Period of 2013/2014: David Gunawan (Information Systems 2010)
Period of 2012/2013: Yoel Martinus (Mathematics & Informatics 2009)
Period of 2011/2012: Sheffina Suyanto (Mathematics 2008)
Period of 2010/2011: Agustin Oendari (Interior Design 2007)
Period of 2009/2010: Samuel Kharis (Product Design 2007)
Period of 2008/2009: Aviana Nastania (Psychology 2006)
Period of 2007/2008: Thomas Herawan (Management 2005)